Open your child to the fascinating world of learning with the ROZUMNYKY EDUGAMES service!
Learning through play for preschoolers and elementary school students
• More than 17,000 problems in mathematics, the Ukrainian language and «I explore the world»
First 2 days of using the service are free in case of first service activation*
• All lifecell subscribers can use the Edugames mobile application
• Internet traffic for using the service is not charged within Ukraine
* service fee is charged from the 3rd day of use
Learn how to learn by playing:
What subjects can be studied using the Edugames mobile application:
Send SMS with text «1»
to the number 639
Dial *639#
or *639*1#
Learn together with the Edugames mobile app on your favorite devices
How to order:
After activating the service, you will receive an SMS with a link to download the application and a password
Download the free mobile phone app
for Android or iOS
Use on two devices at the same time for the same price
Mobile app
Step-by-step instruction:

1. Download the Edugames mobile app from your device's app store
2. Run the application. In the Name field - enter your mobile phone number, in the Password field - the password that you received in the SMS message
The first 2 days are FREE, the service fee is charged from the 3rd day (for new users)
4 UAH/day
Get Started
120 UAH 80 UAH/30 days
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270 UAH 169 UAH/90 days
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810 UAH 309 UAH/270 days
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Service is provided by "Vydavnytstvo "Rozumnyky" LLC